Humble Beginnings


Maybe, when talking about the beginning of a ministry, one should talk about preparation as well:

I have been prepared to serve in BEAM Africa Network through a series of events which gave me a concern and Godly love for children. I have learnt that often it is in the home, where a child should receive love, that a child will receive abuse and neglect....All this heartache prompted me to do something, to use this pain to His Glory! I started first as a volunteer at a Pregnancy Care Centre in 1995. From there I founded a Pregnancy Care Centre on the West Rand of Gauteng in 1997. After a very specific Word from someone in the Prophetic Office, whom I respect greatly, I moved back to Pretoria in 2002....

Through years in the Ministry, first at Radio Pulpit and later as a Pastor of the AFM, my husband, Louis had a passion and heart for the people of Africa. On various occasions he received Prophetic Word concerning this as well. Early 2002 he lost his first wife. She died of cancer. We married later that year. During 2003, while still heading the Missionary Outreach of a church, we felt that our place would no longer be in a church as a pastoral team...

While praying one night, we asked the Lord what he wanted us to do!

Louis received a Word from Isaiah 58:3 - 9 and especially verses 6 and 7 (Amplified)

Verse 6: Is not this the fast which I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free and that you break every enslaving yoke?

Verse 7: Is it not to devide your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house? When you see the naked that you clothe him, and that you hide not yourself from the needs of your own flesh and blood?

This is how our joint dream to make a difference started! We got involved in a small community called Nellmapius where the need is great! The Township lies next to Mamelodi to the east of Pretoria and was established by Government when they started the building of RDP houses (houses for which an individual applies and receive the house free of charge).

A vehicle (Organisation) to work through, had to be established.

We did fundraising and spent most of 2005 to build the base. Our doors opened in February of 2006.

Our ministry consists of volunteer workers and partnerships - combined, a force making a difference in the lives of people in need of guidance, support and much needed relief.

Beam Africa Network would like to envite you to join us in our efforts to make a significant difference and participate actively in God's work.

We have a team of dedicated caregivers, and will do our best to accommodate anyone and everyone interested in our projects.

Volunteers have the opportunity to interact and participate, Beam Africa can open a world of opportunities for volunteers to explore the diverse field of aid relief work in Southern Africa.