Through our years of service delivery to vulnerable children and youth in communities which are severely marginalized, we have become more and more convinced that not just the beneficiaries but the Care Givers need to be educated, mentored and supported as well.  That would bring much needed changes to the system in which we operate as well.

It was therefore with great joy that we have partnered with Makitappen…

Our partnership has commenced with training of Child and Youth Care Workers  in the Western Cape and hope to offer training in Mpumalanga soon.

Training Interventions available:


The programme, Lelapa (The Sotho word for Family-home), enables Local Economic Development (LED) Facilitators to provide services to strenghten the critical factors needed in families for a healthier community.

Child and Youth Care Workers

Mental-health training and mentoring services are provided to the Child & Youth Care Workers to equip them to work systemically in addressing the needs of children from dysfunctional homes on their journey to maturity.

Child and Youth Care Centres

Makitappen, in partnership with various  stakeholders has developed specialised training and mentoring for Child & Youth Care Centres to provide care for traumatised children in centres showing symptoms of Defiant Behaviour Disorder (DBD).  

Continued Professional Development

Training sessions for social service professionals are offered to continue development and maintain their legal registration with respective councils.

More information about Makitappn is available on the Makitappen website.